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What to do in Pisa

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Beyond the Wall

From 27 January to 26 February at Museum of Graphics, Lanfranchi Palace , there is the exhibition Oltre la Muraglia, China and the Cities of the Future : collective With paintings, photos and videos of Francesco Barbieri, Giuliano Marrucci and Michele Palazzi made in collaboration with the Confucio Institute of Pisa In 1978, China was almost exclusively an agricultural country, with 80% of the population settled in Rural areas. The Chinese living in the city were just 172 million, less than 20% of the total population. Well 35 years later, the Chinese living in the city have become about 770 million, 56% of the population. To end this process, the United States, with numbers 5 times lower, took 70 years, the European countries averaged 120.
Today, China is one quarter of the 100 most populated cities in the world and 5 of the top 10, and municipalities with more than 1 million inhabitants are 171. The exhibition Beyond the Wall, China and the Future Cities The aim is to understand and interpret this phenomenon (the largest and fastest process of urbanization in the history of humanity and, as Nobel Prize winner Joseph Stiglitz also stated), which, together with the American technology giants' Will characterize this period in the history books of the coming centuries. This interpretation requires different languages: video-journalism, photography and painting interact with the public alternating with the most intimate impression numbers arising from the confrontation with the urban environment.
Through the typical language of video-journalism, the documentary and video installation of the journalist Giuliano Marrucci comes to the heart of the political and economic significance of the Chinese urbanization process, which on the one hand contributed to subtract the vice Of hunger hundreds of millions of people and on the other produces a salutissimo account in terms of environmental impact and social inequality. The hopes and contradictions associated with the urbanization process are represented in the pictures of Michele Palazzi , which tell the conflict between the search for more advanced material conditions and the risk of a cultural identity disappear in the dark. In the pictorial works of Francesco Barbieri , present in the exhibition exhibition Oltre la Muraglia, China and the Cities of the Future this conflict dialectics becomes a continuous dialogue between progression and dystopia, And modernity today more than ever palpable in the shadow of the skyscrapers and the futuristic infrastructures of the new Chinese megalopolis. The Pisan display vernissage is on a calendar at 19:00 on January 27th. The exhibition is open from Monday to Sunday from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm and includes the purchase of the entrance ticket to the Museum of Graphics: 3 euros. Beyond the Wall, China and the Future Cities - January 27, 26 February Museum of Graphics Palazzo Lanfranchi Lungarno Galilei 9 Pisa For information
Graphic Museum
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Pisa Jazz

Enter the full Pisa Jazz programming with a bill of more than 20 appointments that will end on the May 11 at Teatro Verdi with pianist live Michel Camilo The myth of Latin jazz and the contaminations between Caribbean and Jazz. The show, organized by the association ExWide with the contribution of the Pisa Foundation and the City of Pisa, in collaboration with Music Pool and Network Sonoro, came to its third edition as Pisa Jazz (without considering the seasons with the brand "JazzWide" and "Jazz Wide Young"). In addition to Via Franceschi, (and the Teatro Verdi), the event includes other locations such as the Sant'Andrea Theater, the New Cinema, the Congress Palace and the Pontecorvo Warehouse (via Giosuè Carducci 13 locality La Fontina San Giuliano Terme) where the unusual duo formed by Gianluca Petrella and Dj Gruff (3 February) will play.
Concerts at the Sant'Andrea Theater will begin on February 12th with Daniele Malvisi Six Group's Virtous Circles of Miles Davies to end on February 26 with Purple Whales <359 > Project inspired by Jimi Hendrix's music (Simone Graziano and Alessandro Lanzoni on keyboards, Naomi Berrill at the cello, Michele Tino al sax, and Stefano Tamborrino, and as special guest Dimitri Grechi Espinoza at the sax Always at Teatro Sant'Andrea March 26 will perform on solo of cellist Ernst Reijseger, one of the most important figures of the contemporary music scene.
April 9th ​​ The show hosts the third edition of " Fonterossa Day ", an event dedicated to the independent label "Fonterossa" by Silvia Bolognesi and then became a chorus for improvised music enthusiasts Experimentation. Special guest of the Pisan event will be the American singer Dee Alexander, and awaited is the performance of the "Fonterossa Open Orchestra", a collective of over 25 musicians.
The other two concerts not to be missed in the season will be January 30 at the New Cinema Theater with the sextet of Roscoe Mitchell , a living legend of free jazz that will play John Coltrane's music for Fiftieth anniversary since his death, April 23, at the Congress Palace with the Snarky Puppy
(Grammy Award Winners) led by bassist Micheal League.
All the ExWide appointments are scheduled on Thursday and provide an alternation between jam sessions and shows. The calendar includes the January 26th Quartet by Ada Montellanico with Giovanni Falzone dedicated to the music of Abbey Lincoln, February 2nd Bjørn Solli Trio with "Reviviscence" and February 9 Riccardo Tesi & Maurizio Geri with "One Button Buttons". It continues on February 16 with the quartet of Emanuele Parrini (guest US Taylor Ho Bynum, one of Anthony Braxton's most important collaborators) on March 2nd with James Brandon Lewis in a trio, <383 > March 11 with the Kora Beat and March 16 with Quintet of Livorno by Andrea Pellegrini , with the project devoted to the music of Piero Ciampi. They will then come Simone Graziano Trio with Tommy Crane (March 30), the <390 quintet of Mike Turk and Alessandro Fabbri in honor of Toots Thielemans (April 6), the new quartet by Francesco Ponticelli (20 April) i. For two Fridays per month the appointment is with the Swing Orchestra led by clarinetist Nico Gori (January 20, February 3, February 17, March 3, March 17, March 31, and April 14). For <394 concerts Pisan < 395> organized outside of the ExWide are available tickets for purchase at and Pisa Jazz 2017 - January 20 to May 11 (ExWide, Teatro Verdi, Teatro Sant ' Andrea, the New Cinema, the Congress Palace and the Pontecorvo Deposito) Pisa For information
Pisa Jazz
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Collecting Lucca 2017

After the success of the previous edition, the 18 and 19 February at the Collecting Pole Fair , the cartoon show (and other adventures of cards) promoted by Lucca Comics & Games and Anafi (National Association of Friends Cartoon and illustration), in collaboration with the Municipality of Lucca. The show remains highly comic-oriented and also extends to neighboring literary areas (books, posters, covers, figurines and disks). The second edition of Collecting in addition to confirming the "all-comics" setting of the event , Expands the concept and extends not only to the antiquarian but also to other genres: to read, to exchange, to collect regardless of type, geographical origin, year of production, diffusion and rarities (or less). So space also for the figurines, the posters and the covers. Amongst the booths, there will be also some of the most representative representations and associations of comics: C4Comics, Amys - Cultural Association of Martin Mystère (gathering Martin Mystère's enthusiasts), SCLS - Dark Spirit, ZTN - Za-Gor Te -Nay (counting Zagor's lovers), the Dylan Dog Fan Club, the Diabolik Club, and Papersera (which brings together the Disney world). Collecting 2017 also presents a poker of great guests that will meet the audience : Moreno Burattini (Cattivik, Lupo Alberto and Zagor), Alfredo Castelli (Dylan Dog, Zagor, Mister No), Alessandro Chiarolla (Carrier of the Boys, Martin Mystère and Zagor), Claudio Nizzi (Il Giornalino, Mister No and Tex) Ticci (Tex). Three exhibits were set up: Rat-Man Countdown (dedicated to the Alternative Hero), " Enzo Sciotti's cinematic art", featuring some of the original works of one of the greatest illustrators Of movie posters that have made the history of cinema and especially " History of the West ... 50 Years " shows that traces the adventure trails, an unforgettable work by Gino d'Antonio and Renzo Calegari, dear To all enthusiasts. 'lucchese event Collecting includes an entrance fee of 5 euros (free admission for children under 13 years and for Anafi members). Collecting - 18 And February 19, Polo Fiere via Chiesa XXXII, Trav.I, Lucca